Since 2008, the Spiration Valve System has been approved by the FDA as a Humanitarian Use Device for the control of prolonged air leaks following specified lung resections.*

The Spiration Valve System Includes:

Widest range of valve sizes on the market: four valve sizes to treat airways with diameters from 4mm – 9mm, provides powerful procedural control.

With the introduction of the 9mm valve size, Spiration now offers the largest valve on the market, facilitates shorter procedure time with fewer valves.*

We believe in a systems approach, because every patient is different.

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C26N Features

• No close-the-gap step, as compared with the previous C26 catheter
    — Removes additional steps to reduce procedure time

• Red/yellow/green indicator on catheter and controlled slide
    —Green clip locks the valve in the catheter and is removed when ready to deploy
    —Color-coded handle provides indication of catheter readiness:
valve loaded, ready to deploy, deployed

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